What You Need to Consider Before You Get a Swimming Pool

In 2019, Australia recorded its hottest day, with a national average of 40.9 degrees-Celsius. If that isn’t enough to make you want to add a swimming pool to your landscape design, then nothing will!

However, while you are still in the drawing board phase, it helps to make sure you do as much research as possible. The more you think about your wants and needs, the happier you can be once the swimming pool is installed. Talk to your local landscaping expert, and consider the following.

The Size

The average family-size pool varies from between three and four metres wide to five to seven metres long. However, that doesn’t mean your pool has to be that large or small. Let your current landscaping design and backyard size dictate the size of the pool you want and need.

Plunge pools, family pools, and lap pools can all be excellent options for the average Australian backyard. The hardest part is deciding which option works for you the best.

Any Special Features

At the initial design stage, it’s a good idea to talk to your landscaper about any special features you would like. Water features, steps, a unique shape, the list goes on. You will be surprised at what you can achieve with just an idea in the back of your mind.

Where to Put it

Of course, it’s one thing to decide you want a swimming pool in your new landscaping design, but then you have to choose where to put it! Think long and hard about the aesthetic appeal of your pool compared to that of your house.

Pools in small yards often look the best close to the house as they become an extension of the home’s architecture. They are also easier to watch over if positioned close to the house. It should also be at least one metre from all property boundaries.

Other points to consider are where your property catches the sun and where it is sheltered from the wind. Your local landscape expert is bound to have some good ideas.

What Safety Features to Include

Local councils often have a set of legislation relating to the safety features any new or existing swimming pool must have. Take your time looking over these to make sure your new pool ticks all the boxes. Non-climbable fences of 1.2-metre heights, filtration, outwards-opening gates, and 1.8-metre boundary fences are all requirements that apply in some states of Australia.

The Plants to Complement Your Pool Design

Installing new plants around your pool can give it a whole new look, so it’s crucial not to rush this process. A mixture of palms can offer much-needed shade, while cycads, echiums, bromeliads, and similar, can all liven up the space surrounding a swimming pool, as well. Your local landscaper may be able to offer some suggestions, too.

A swimming pool is an exciting addition to any backyard in Australia. Still, it can also take a lot of planning. Talk to an expert in pool design and landscaping about your wants and needs. It then won’t be long until you’re spending the summer months pool-side.