Landscape Design Ideas For Gardens With No Grass

A landscape design that excludes grass is only not easy to maintain, but it is also not heavy on your wallet. Imagine how much you can save on your water bills, pesticides, fertilisers, and other equipment that is required to keep the grass in ideal shape.

Everyone desires to have a garden that is well maintained and trimmed, but often they end up having the grass turning yellow and pale, giving their garden a horrible look. Keeping the grass perfectly green is not easy and requires extensive effort and time. If you don’t have the energy and are looking for a convenient alternative, a landscape design with no grass at all can be achieved.

The easiest thing you can do to replace grass is to invest in a lot of pots and planters and convert your outdoor space into a container garden. All you need to buy is a few tools like a spade or a watering can. The choices of plants you can place in the containers are endless. Try different colourful and unique shaped planters to give your garden a unique look.

If you are looking for a solution which is budget-friendly and that doesn’t require any maintenance at all, then gravel is your best friend in this case.  Just remove all your grass and substitute it with these small little stones to give your outdoor space a stylish look. You can creatively place some plants within the area to add a green touch to it.

Another landscape design option that does not include any grass, is mulch, especially organic mulches which are a popular alternative to grass. It is recommended you place landscaping cloth on the soil to ensure that weeds don’t crop up and spoil the perfect rustic look that a mulch brings. Please note that if you have a pet at home, go for pet-friendly mulch options to be on the safe side.

You can choose to plant a moss garden if you want a landscape design that is grassless. Moss looks equally gorgeous and it doesn’t require weeding, mowing or any herbicides. Moss is robust and can survive and grow where other delicate plants and grass cannot. If you’re a fan of a green garden and don’t want to spare too much for maintenance, substitute your grass with moss carpets.

Have you ever noticed some residents in your neighbourhood have flawlessly green grass all year long, and yet they never seem to be attending to them? If you wonder how and want to know their secret, let us tell you that it is likely to be artificial grass. These can look extremely authentic and do not require any maintenance.

Decking is another excellent choice if you are looking for landscape designs ideas with no grass. The design options are endless, and it’s an extremely low maintenance option. You can frequently host parties and gatherings in your garden without worrying that the grass will get ruined. This is a one-time investment and occasional staining will keep the deck in perfect condition.

Before choosing a grassless landscape design, do check the rules and regulations of your residential community. Some communities with house owner associations have some pre-set rules about how residents can design their outdoor space. Check before opting for a grassless garden just in case it breaches any conditions that state you cannot make major changes, such as removing the lawn from your garden.