Lock and Leave Landscaping Ideas You’ll Love

Lock and leave landscaping ideas are becoming popular by the day, especially as the likes of Airbnb become a way in which to make extra income.

Rather than rent out your investment property on a full-time basis, you can book a few nights at a time and make the same money, if not more.

However, if there’s one negative point about such a setup, it’s that you have to take care of the gardening. Read on to learn a few new landscaping tips that can take all the hard work out of owning a lock and leave property.

Potted Plants

Having greenery can be a way in which to give your lock and leave property a much-needed boost. However, when you have your own gardens to tend to, there isn’t a lot of time left over for the maintenance of a second property.

That’s where potted plants come in. Your Airbnb property, or family bach, can still benefit from greenery, but in a way that’s contained and easy-care.

Focus on Entertainment

Gardens are always lovely to have, but they aren’t always necessary to create a serene outdoor space. Instead of gardens, why not create a fun, peaceful entertainment area instead? Use paving stones, outdoor furniture, a barbecue as a focal point, and even outdoor lighting. No one will even notice that there isn’t a plant in sight.

Settle for Succulents

Even those who struggle to keep plants alive will be unlikely to kill succulents. If you are going to incorporate any greenery into your landscape design, then don’t look past succulents. They require minimal watering and will still offer a burst of colour your guests will love.

Fake Plants

While it’s a little bit cheeky, fake plants may be a way to incorporate nature into your lock and leave property without all the hassle and maintenance that goes along with it. You would be surprised at how many real-looking, yet fake plants are now on the market. Shh… no one has to know.

Go Natural

Many plants survive just fine without attention. Depending on the setup of your property, you can plant groundcover plants and hardy native shrubs that will quietly grow without the need for help or nourishment. Talk to your local landscaping expert about which plants are best suited for neglectful plant owners.

Get Clever with Hardscapes

You can quickly make guests forget there isn’t a lot of greenery through the use of hardscapes. If you have lawns, you can incorporate pathways that lead to an outdoor entertainment area. You can then focus on things like outdoor barbecues, patio areas, lighting, outdoor heating, chairs, and loungers.

There is enough to worry about with lock up and leave properties like lawn mowing, bed changing, and general cleaning. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about high-maintenance landscaping. Some of these options above are likely to appeal, but why not get in touch with your local landscaping expert to find out what they recommend?