How to Keep Your Plants Alive in an Australian Summer

Climates vary dramatically across Australia, which makes landscaping quite a customised task. What suits one part of the country may not be suitable for others. However, in summer, the average temperature country-wide is 26 degrees, which means that there’s every reason to believe your plants can suffer.

If you’re determined to keep your favourite plants alive this summer, then read on. The following information might help you achieve just that.

Stop Pruning

It can be tempting to get out in the sunshine and give your plants a much-needed haircut. Instead, leave that task until autumn. Otherwise, you may find yourself with some plants that are struggling to survive.

When you prune plants, you are stimulating new growth. That new growth may not be able to survive the intense heat that accompanies Australian summers.

Choose Your Plant Pots Carefully

Most of us choose plant pots that match our landscaping design and that we like the most. While you can still do that, it pays to think about what will be best for your plants in hot summer conditions. For example, plastic pots and dark pots will heat up faster in the sun and cause the soil to dry out.

Even clay pots can be questionable, for they retain heat for extended periods and draw moisture that the plants need from the soil. Wooden containers, on the other hand, can be a form of insulation for plants when the sun is beating down. 

Add Shade into Your Landscaping Design

If you have plants that don’t love extended periods of direct sunlight, then make sure you take care of them with shade. A sheet, tarp, or shade cloth hung over the general area can have more of an impact than you think.

Alternatively, pay attention to the parts of your yard that get the most sun, and place sun-loving plants there. Your local landscaping expert can help with this process.

Water at Night

As long as your area does not have water restrictions in place, then you can continue watering your plants. However, the time of day matters. Wait until the night time, which often has cooler temperatures to allow the soil to absorb the moisture.

If you water your plants during the day, the sun will dry the moisture, heat the water, and may even burn your plants.

Use High-Quality Mulch

Trying to keep your soil moist can be quite tricky in summer. Still, it can be made easier by purchasing or making high-quality mulch. Organic and chunky mulches give water a better chance of penetrating your soil and offering much-needed nutrients. You also benefit from a consistent soil temperature and reduced weed growth.

Summer can be a fickle beast in Australia. There may also be plants that don’t thrive or survive once spring turns to summer. Still, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your favourite plants. Talk to your local landscaping expert about tips and tricks, and try any of these above.