How to Make Your Pool Safe for Children

There is nothing quite like having a swimming pool at home. It can tie in beautifully with your landscaping and can be both a form of recreation and fitness. There’s something quite refreshing about coming home after a hard day of work, getting into your swimming gear, and having a quick dip.

But there’s one thing you need to consider while coming up with the plans for your new swimming pool, and that’s how to make it safe for children. Fortunately, when you have the right landscaping and pool installation experts on your side, that process can go, well, swimmingly!

Pool Fences

Gate-locked, childproof pool fences are a must-have for any new pool installation. While some people might think that fencing ruins the aesthetics of a pool, that’s not the case at all. There are many ways to incorporate safe fencing into the design of landscaping.

Aluminium, steel, wood, composite, perimeter, chain link, and vinyl fences are all potential options for your new landscape design. Why not talk to your local pool installation expert on the best choice for your unique yard?

Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers differ from regular winter covers in the respect that they don’t sink under the weight of a person. They are secured in place with anchors on your decking area and can hold the weight of an adult or child. You can also remove them quite quickly when you feel like a dip.

Pool Alarms

There are several different kinds of alarms you can buy for your pool that alerts you to someone trying to access it. If you have children, then hearing an alarm going off can alert you to their proximity to the pool. When you are designing your dream yard, consider buying window, door, and gate alarms, or a perimeter alarm.

Swimming Lessons

A backyard pool is an exciting way to spend more time with your loved ones. However, it also helps if you can enrol your children in swimming lessons with an expert. They can learn how to float, get themselves to the edge, and learn some helpful swimming manoeuvres at the same time.

Children can begin swimming lessons from as young as six months old. In fact, given that babies develop fear at nine months old, starting earlier can give you a head start with getting them used to the water.

Don’t Leave Toys in the Pool

Keeping the pool free of toys and fun-looking items can deter children from wanting to be near the water to get them. By doing this and having plenty of safety measures in place, you can benefit from much-needed peace of mind.

In the summer months, a swimming pool is everyone’s favourite place to be. You can lounge around, cool down, and even do a few lengths to stay in shape. While you’re in the planning phase with your local landscaping expert, spare a thought for safety. You can then have the best setup possible for now and into the future.